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Planned puppies


Enrico Grey Wolf Střípek snů
Velvet Damour Little Lexus
ViaLeone Rudy
Ch.Sweet Airen Barney Bloom
Key To My Heart
Elwin Grey Chief
Dari Grey Wolf Lánovská hvězda

C.I.B. Eliška Evelina Střípek snů
Cristine Claire Střípek snů
Gabriella Grace Střípek snů
Hecate Tanya Střípek snů
Iris Grey Wolf Střípek snů
Isis Arpel Bohemia - Sisi
Daniella Saggyline
Lilith Luna Střípek snů
JCh. Lilith Luna Střípek snů
Dixi Strážní andělé

Rainbow bridge
C.I.B. Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky
JCh. Arny Avenger Střípek snů

JCh. Coral Magic Střípek snů

 Arny Avenger Střípek snů

About my kennel...

My kennel’s name „Střípek snů" means „a little piece of dreams“ to express what are my dogs to me... Established between years 2006 /2007.

I’ve got two quite different breeds, Pomeranian and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. We've got also Chow Chow in our family, Joki is my uncle's girl and her puppies are born with my kennel's name.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog isn’t too much known or widespread breed. CSW is large dog, males about 40kg and height more than 65cm. Looks similar to wolf. As the offsprings of wolf and german shepherd, they still have got some very specific nature – aren’t fit for everybody. But if you try to listen and understand them, they will show you more than dog ever could.

I think I don’t need to introduce Pomeranian (Zwergspitz). These little light-hearted fellows enchanted me at the first sight. My favorite coat colour is creme, orange and sable. My dogs are tested for patella luxation. 

Certifikát chovatelské stanice Střípek snůl - FCI
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